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Smith & Norbu offers a range of sustainable buffalo & yak horn eyeglasses and accessories

Everything started in 2007, during a trip to Tibet, when I felt in love with a piece of yak horn, and from there the idea to create high quality eyewear frames using this fantastic quality material. Smith & Norbu was born.


I wanted to create frames that are not only beautiful, comfortable to wear but also manufactured in respect of the environment. 


Our range is available on-line and through our range of stockists. For the most demanding customers, our bespoke service is available in our Hong Kong store.


The association of high quality natural raw materials and the fusion of tradition and innovation to create stylish re-interpretations of classic icons are at the heart of the brand’s philosophy; style, quality craftsmanship and commitment to sustainability.


                                                                                                                        Benoit Ams, Founder


Design Awards

Model 30, Good Design Award (Chicago, USA)- 2010

Model 34, Eyewear of the Year- EOY (Tokyo, Japan)- Award Winner - in Luxury and High Class category -2011

Model 30, Good Design Award (Japan) 2011 - Nominated

Model 30, German Design Award 2012 – Nominated

Model 21, IDEA Award 2012 – Award Winner


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