Horn Variation

Natural Horn is one of the most exclusive materials available for eyeglasses. We offer 5 luxurious materials for all of our online optical frames. Each pair of glasses requires two horn plates; one for the front of the glasses and one for the arms. Every plate has a unique color and pattern that results in a truly unique product. Explore our horn collection below.


Ecological commitment is centric to our approach and all of our products are manufactured in the highest respect for the environment, using only Eco-friendly and sustainable materials. We source our material from domesticated Yaks and Buffalo that are widely used in agriculture. They do not fall into the category of protected or endangered species. We follow closely to ensure the horn processing methods used respect the environment and therefore comply with the most stringent Eco Standards. 


Water Buffalo Horn


Tibetan Yak Horn

Dark Green & Black

Indian Water

Buffalo Horn

Dark Brown

Indian Water

Buffalo Horn

Black & White

African Water Buffalo Horn

Beige &White


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