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The Fashionable Truth

"The Smith & Norbu philosophy was designed by Ams to appeal to people who are 'hedonists and elegant', who 'rely on their own taste and creativity' and who chose noble materials seeking 'beauty over the ostentation of designer names.' "

Handmade Horn Sunglasses

South China Morning Post (HK)

"Walking around Smith & Norbu's first retail venture at PMQ, the creative hub in Central, Ams opens a drawer to reveal samples of the raw material, each piece as smooth as marble."

Benoit Ams SCMP Handmade Natural Horn Eyewear


"Quality and natural materials, mixed in with incredible craftsmanship and bespoke offerings, Smith & Norbu is the best shop for outstanding eyewear."

polishing handmade natural horn frames

The New York Times

"6. Indie Heaven

Two years ago, a 1950s complex that once served as the city’s “Police Married Quarters” was reopened as PMQ, a hub for independent designers and other creative types. ... Smith & Norbu (S404) makes bespoke eyewear from buffalo and yak horns... ."


Rob Report

“What is it about these frames that make them so special?


I loved the assortment of tones and mottling. The tone is incredibly varied, with black, brown and white swirls…. I’ve also picked a matte finish, which is a lovely touch.”


Cup Above Tea

"One gets the sense that the entire universe will look more elegant once you put a pair on. The sense is indeed true and it’s thanks to the three F words at the heart of bespoke eyewear - ‘fit’, ‘function’, and ‘flatter’. "

IMG_6272 (1).JPG


"These are a luxury option using yak and buffalo horn, often handmade to fit your exact requirements."


Fashion Hong Kong

"Smith and Norbu at 'The House of Fashion Hong Kong'" 


Hong Kong Digest (HKETONY)

"Hong Kong's fashion and accessories labels featured at New York Fashion Week included ... Smith & Norbu"

117 C08 DETAIL 2.jpg



Handmade Horn Glasses Making

The Hong Kong Trade Development Council

"Luxury brands and environmental consciousness don’t always go hand-in-hand, but for eyewear and accessories brand Smith & Norbu, eco-friendly materials are an intrinsic part of the brand."

Yak and Buffalo Horn Plates fo Glasses Making

Jing Daily

"Investing over five hours into each piece and putting no shortage of heart into packaging and style, Smith & Norbu revitalizes eyewear as an increasingly popular statement of style."

Buffalo Horn Sunglasses in a Yak Leather Case

Ueber Brands (Podcast)

"In this inaugural episode we talk to Benoit Ams, founder, owner, designer …. Renaissance Man extraordinaire at Smith & Norbu... We will learn about the joys and challenges of being a small artisanal start-up in Hong-Kong and China, what attracts people to such an offering, and what the dreams of Benoit and his team are for the future. "


Luxe City Guides

"Voguish visionaries flock to this teeny spec shop, fitting custom Tibetan buffalo and yak-horn-plated eyewear and accessories in a panoply of shapes and colours. Not only is each pair rigorously hand-cut, pressed, sawed and polished..."


Big Review TV

“It’s truly beautiful in here and it’s nice to know that all the buffalo are free-running and sustainably bred”


The New York Times

"Down the street, a 1950s complex for married police officers has been transformed into a marketplace for designers called PMQ, where you can find, among other things, buffalo-horn sunglasses at the Belgian-owned boutique Smith & Norbu"



"Spectacles are no longer seen as a devise to aid your vision but mostly as a reflection of your personal image or a way to enhance your facial features. "


Fung Global Retail & Technology

"Smith & Norbu, a company that makes upscale, sustainably sourced, bespoke yak and buffalo horn eyeglasses and accessories. The company offers customers the ability to choose the material and made-to-measure glasses frames."

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