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How to take care of your horn eyeglasses.

As with all Smith & Norbu products, our horn products are made to the very highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Properly taken care of, your glasses will last a lifetime. We recommend you to observe the following instructions so that you can enjoy your product for years.

  • Oil will provide a level of water resistance that will help to prevent deterioration of the horn.

  • In a dry environment, regularly apply oil sparingly and massage into the horn in order to prevent it from drying out.

  • Allow wet or damp frames to air-dry naturally away from any source of heat. Do not use a hair-dryer.

  • Horn is sensitive to the effects of light and water. To keep your horn product in perfect condition, it should be protected from prolonged exposure to strong light and dried with a soft cloth if it gets wet.

  • To prevent deterioration, protect horn from excessive humidity.

  • Do not use waxes, or silicone formulas that impair the ability of the horn to breathe.

  • Never use caustic household chemicals to clean horn.

  • Never use preparations that contain alcohol.

  • Never use ultrasound equipment to clean the lenses.

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